Tribal Community Sponsored Cultural Education Programs for:

– Youth
– Elders
– Cultural Practitioners


Professional Development Workshops for UUSD School Staff on:

– Cultural Sensitivity
– Intergenerational Historical Trauma
– Local Tribal Histories
– Way of Life & Language


  • Tutoring Services available at the tribal level
  • Life skill workshops, outdoor education and educational field trips
  • Native American Academic PPS Counselor in place to work with Native American students in the elementary schools
  • Peer/Adult Mentoring Programs
  • Quarterly Round Table Discussions
  • Annual Higher Education Conference
  • College Counseling
  • Career and Life Counseling
  • Native American Summer Enrichment Program (9th – 12th Grade)
  • Summer STEAM Academy (7th – 8th Grade)
  • Family Liaison in place at the District to work with Native families to ensure student academic success and retention